Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 things on why i should blog?

this question seems to be d most appropriate sort of posting for d new bloggers and without exclusion- me..

So, why i blog;
  1. to spend my time in more meaningful way..
  2. to express my ideas, convey opinion on issues,,
  3. to train n sharpen my proficiency in English..
  4. to draw controversy?
  5. law student should have one?
  6. i think this blog is more into football..
  1. (even babies could say so),,
  2. who cares your ideas? -i do care myself.
  3. 'to improve' seems to be more appropriate for me. (this blog is not necessarily an english-oriented blog,, rather it is mixed with malay)
  4. may be not at this juncture.. student shouldn't..
  5. MUET and CGPA are the utmost requirements perhaps,, do you agree?
  6. surf 'soccernet' or 'premeirleague',,- they have all it takes,,

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Give it a whirl! (blog!)

Salam,, for d beginning, I'd like to invite all n sundry for participating on this blog especially colleagues n beloved those who know me.. im more than hepi to get comment for d mstakes i mght n will make through this blogging.. Hepi BLOGGING!